Dillon Marsh 
Invasive Species Dillon Marsh www.dillonmarsh.com "In 1996 a palm tree appeared almost overnight in a suburb of Cape Town. This was supposedly the world's...
Nadine Goepfert 
Coiceidence - 2009 Nadine Goepfert www.nadinegoepfert.com "The melting does not only start the colouring process, it allows the viewer to see the...
Fax Bahr George Hickenlooper Eleanor Coppola 
Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse - 1991 Fax Bahr, George Hickenlooper & Eleanor Coppola www.imdb.com "To me, the great hope is that now these...
Herman Melville 
Moby Dick The Whale - 1851 Herman Melville www.wikipedia.org "Moby Dick seeks thee not. It is thou, thou, that madly seekest him!"
Youngsuk Suh 
Let Burn - 2011 Youngsuk Suh www.youngsuksuh.com "Smoke is the medium through which light is made visible and it renders everything invisible."
Steve McCurry 
Angkor Wat Steve McCurry www.stevemccurry.com "If as Goethe said, architecture is frozen music, then Angkor Wat is a celestial symphony."
Actinoform Cloud MODIS www.wikipedia.org Via: But Does It Float
Ursula von Rydingsvard 
Three Bowls - 1989 Ursula von Rydingsvard www.ursulavonrydingsvard.net "I grew up in displaced persons camps that were barracks built by soldiers that were...
Glen Denny 
Yosemite - 1960's Glen Denny www.glendenny.com
Shin Ohori 
Mountain Research - 2008 Shin Ohori www.general-design.net "The shelter is constructed from locally harvested larch wood and removable fiberglass walls and...
Vittorio Sella 
Alpinism - 18–1900's Vittorio Sella www.panopticongallery.com "The high quality of Sella's photography was in part due to his use of 30×40 cm photographic...
Ali Bosworth 
Nova Scotia/New Brunswick - 2011 Ali Bosworth www.alibosworth.com
Ward Roberts 
Courts Ward Roberts www.wardrobertsphoto.com
Richard Davies 
Wooden Churches - Travelling in the Russian North - 2002 Richard Davies www.richarddavies.co.uk "These extraordinary structures have a spiritual presence...
Jonathan Frantini 
Shanghai Acrobatics Jonathan Frantini www.jonathanfrantini.com
Sissel Tolaas 
Scent Specimen Library - 1990 onwards Sissel Tolaas www.showstudio.com "...developing a lexicon of newly invented smell terms called NASALO, aided in part...
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Eric Bishop 
De Havilland DH.98 Mosquito - 1938 Eric Bishop www.wikipedia.org "The wing was built as a one-piece structure and was not divided into separate...
Müge Yilmaz 
Trees Müge Yilmaz www.butdoesitfloat.com "Signs of time and a passed life."
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Charles Eames and Ray Eames 
Molded Plywood Leg Splint - 1942 Charles & Ray Eames www.berkshirefinearts.com "A highly sculptural yet functional device. The organic, flowing form is at...
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Giuseppe Penone 
Versailles Cedar, 2000-2003 Giuseppe Penone www.wikipedia.org
Jessica Warboys 
Ocean Painting, Portmain - 2010 Jessica Warboys www.we-find-wildness.com "Each painting is the result of that particular moment, a record of the physical...
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Max Lamb 
Personal Collections Max Lamb www.sightunseen.com "There’s just something about spoons; they’re so beautiful. I love knives as well — I suppose the...
Tauba Auerbach 
Tetrachromat - 2011 Tauba Auerbach www.contemporaryartdaily.com "she twists and folds the canvas, ironing or pressing it such that the folds are embedded...
Philip Kalantzis Cope 
On the Plane - 2010 Philip Kalantzis Cope www.phillipkalantziscope.com
Xavier Encinas 
Movements in Colour Xavier Encinas www.xavierencinas.com
Allen Lane / Jan Tschichold 
Penguin Classics - 1947–1949 Allen Lane / Jan Tschichold www.penguin.co.uk / www.tschichold.de "Penguin Books is a publisher founded in 1935 by Allen Lane....
Radim Peško 
Informal Meetings - 2001–9 Radim Peško www.shopstandingup.us "A group of children playing in a schoolyard form a circle, an abandoned tricycle draws an...
Jakøb Nylund 
Big Sur Jakøb Nylund www.formconspiracy.se
Alexa Kirsten Stroth 
A Morning Kitchen Quiet - 2010 Alexa Kirsten Stroth www.kitchenquiet.net
Susan Hiller 
The Last Silent Movie - 2007 Susan Hiller www.susanhiller.org "...opens the unvisited, silent archives of extinct and endangered languages to create a...
Adrian Frutiger 
Frutiger (Roissy) Typeface - 1975 Adrian Frutiger www.linotype.com
David Lean 
The Bridge on the River Kwai - 1957 David Lean www.mubi.com “Madness... Madness.”
Nicole Bachmann 
Tomi Ungerer - 2010 Nicole Bachmann www.nicolebachmann.ch
Jackson Eaton 
Butterflies - 2008–9 Jackson Eaton www.jacksoneaton.com
Roland Joffé 
The Killing Fields - 1984 Roland Joffé www.youtube.com
William Hooker 
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew - 1841 William Hooker www.kew.org "Kew Gardens is 121 hectares of gardens and botanical glasshouses"
Richard Owen 
The Natural History Museum - 1881 Richard Owen www.wikipedia.org "by making the Natural History Museum an institution for everyone, Owen transformed our...
Louis Feuillade 
Fantômas - 1913 Louis Feuillade www.wikipedia.org
Eduard Imhof 
Bietschhorn 1:2 000 (Canton of Valais) - 1938–1939 Eduard Imhof www.library.ethz.ch "Eduard Imhof not only cartographed and drew the mountains, but also...
Francis Ford Coppola 
Apocalypse Now - 1979 Francis Ford Coppola www.mubi.com "Captain Willard, is sent on a mission by the Special Forces to locate and liquidate Colonel Kurtz,...